The Easy Way to Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back

Post-pregnancy can be harsh on a woman’s body. From the rapid weight gain, to ever-expanding skin, to remaining excess fat around the stomach. Even those women that get serious about getting their bodies back in shape, by eating healthy foods, watching portion sizes and exercising regularly often end up with saggy bellies. According to Dr. Matthew Galumbeck, women have been turning to surgery for years to reclaim their body confidence—but now new technologies and treatments that are non-invasive and effective, are making it easier and faster than ever before to look (and feel) your best post-pregnancy. One if the non-invasive ways of weight loss after giving birth is through waist training for beginners.

Recent breakthroughs in body re-contouring procedures mean that stubborn fat can now be reduced by treatments that simultaneously tighten and firm up your body. They provide a great option for women that do not want to undergo invasive fat removal procedures.

The most effective fat-busting formula is a combination treatment of CoolSculpting & IceLab

COOLSCULPTING, an innovative way to contour the body by freezing unwanted fat away

CoolSculpting is a medically proven non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that successfully removes stubborn areas of body fat by freezing the fat cells. A safe, tried and trusted, alternative to liposuction. It is the world’s No.1 non-surgical fat reduction treatment.

The procedure employs cold to reduce fat cells thereby enhancing the shape of the body. It is based on work originally done by Dr. Rox Anderson’s group at Wellman Labs, Harvard Medical School. Utilizing the process technically known as apoptosis (selective fat cell destruction), CoolSculpting has the ability to target smaller areas of fat such as the abdomen, love handles, muffin top, inner and outer thighs, back of bra fat, above and below the derriere, knees, upper arms, double chin and more—often the areas that refuse to budge with weight loss, no matter how “clean” the diet or how much exercise is being done.

By freezing areas of fat beneath the skin (cryoprotective barriers actually prevent the skin itself from freezing), apoptosis is induced and fat cells, once destroyed, are eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. Best of all, CoolSculpting requires no anesthesia, no incisions, no injections and no downtime!

CoolSculpting is one of several recent advances in nonsurgical body contouring, all of which are increasingly in demand by a growing demographic of people wanting to look and feel their best without the expense, hassle and risks of traditional plastic surgery such as liposuction. In fact, the number of nonsurgical fat reduction procedures has increased by approximately 42 percent in just the past two years. But what’s truly remarkable about CoolSculpting isn’t limited to its already impressive ability to target unwanted fatty areas; this technology also stimulates new collagen and elastin fiber generation over a period of time, which can improve overall aesthetic results (tone, texture, etc.) significantly. Even liposuction, though it remains the gold standard for large amounts of fat removal, can’t claim to tone and tighten skin.

-110°C Whole Body Cryotherapy Chamber

Our state-of-the-art whole body cryotherapy chamber will keep you looking and feeling FIT.
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Exclusively at Apex Medical Center
Imagine burning 500-800 calories in minutes while feeling fresh and revitalized at the same time, a special climate – one found neither on earth nor in space

In the IceLab you can remain at -110°C from one to three minutes. The Ice Lab includes three connected rooms, each colder than the one before. The first room is kept bone chilling -6 degrees Celsius. The next, drops to -60C. The last room drops to a temperature colder than any place found on our planet. -110C. That’s an -184F!
Spending time in the IceLab is a unique experience. The positive effects of the IceLab climate on health and performance have been the subject of numerous scientific studies and have been fully documented over the past 20 years. The technology for the procedure was developed in Germany.

Treatments in the icy cold temperatures are said to burn about 800 calories in just one session, other benefits include improved hormonal expression, tighter and healthier skin, Increased metabolism & caloric burn, Increased libido, boosts lymph draining and blood circulation. Therefore, IceLab helps increase Coolsculpting’s performance, the result is faster and particularly impact that you can feel!

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