Veneers are a restorative, minimal-invasive treatment option, that can improve shape, harmony and color of your teeth. If you would like to improve harmonize, brightness, or alignment of your smile, veneers are probably the ideal solution for you. Although veneers are a delicate restoration, their strength is extremely improve after bonded with enamel. Minimally-invasive Veneers are minimally-invasive treatment. This treatment require barely-visible tooth preparation (0.2-0.5 mm). Especially if patients have small teeth, or need more volume and additive contour, there is no need for any preparation, and we can use no-prep veneers. Natural shape and texture Veneers restoration are design via using new concept call Digital Smile Design to create precise and customize smile for individual patient along with artistic and natural design from high skill laboratory craftsmanship. Digital Smile Design (DSD) DSD concept is using photography, VDO and smile database to analyse and calibrate information from patient to customize a smile design for individual patient according to their character, facial type, lip shape and personal preference. This treatment concept will also emphasize Mock-up procedure to simulate blueprint design so patient able to see future smile even before treatment start. Dr. Somkiat Aimplee is only official DSD Master Certified in South East Asia. Below this is optional if you want to add to website Planning stage: Smile Design and functional treatment planning First visit at Apex dental smile studio , you will have a conversation with the Dentist to understand your desires, then you will have a photo shooting session, radiograph and impressions. This information is complied into a digital design blueprint of your future smile. The digital design blueprint will then be turned into diagnostic wax-up, that we can transfer into your mouth so you can witness a realistic photo and video simulation. Once you confirm the design, this will be detailed into a functional treatment plan, which contains all necessary procedures needed to get from your current situation to the desired design. This plan will integrate function, biology and structure, in order to achieve a long lasting healthy



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