Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty

    double eyelid surgery / surgical floors, two pretty eyes out with fat.

    “The eyes are the windows to your soul,” the components of the face are important. Because the eyes act as mood And you can feel better. We have beautiful bright eyes. The charm of the face itself.

    Asians have been the most eye single layer. Or perhaps already has two floors. But it is usually smaller. Or have too much fat on the eyelids. It does not look bright Looks like a sleepy Thus, the double eyelid surgery. It is an alternative to help enhance the personality for the better.


    Eyelid surgery procedure.

    1. Your doctor will analyze your position to a horizontal layer of the eye and look beautiful.
    2. Patients with a mild sleeping pill. So that the West inflicted deep. And relaxation during surgery
    3. anesthesia to the surgical area.
    4. When the anesthesia began to take effect The doctor will use surgical instruments to cut the skin to be defined. Cut the skin and

    Excess fat Then sew the eye. And closure of skin incisions on the outside.

    Eye Surgery bottom / lower face (Lower Eyelid Surgery, Blepharoplasty).

    When they are older, we often find wrinkles under the eyes or eye drop with fat bags under the eyes. This makes the eyes and face look fresh and not wilted over his surgery to remove fat bags and wrinkles. Along with the lower eyelid lift Eyes and face look younger.



    The following eye surgery

    1. The surgical scar on the lower lashes. Long out of the eye
    2. anesthesia to the surgical area.
    3. Cut the fat in the lower eyelid incision. And cut away excess skin fit. Lifting eye muscles below the eye to prevent overshoot. Then sew the wound edges closer to the lower lashes.

    Care after surgery

    1. 2-4 hours after surgery, the wound area using a cold towel or Gel pack to shrink blood vessels.
    2. The first week after surgery for a head-to reduce swelling.
    3. Be careful about coughing and sneezing to prevent severe bleeding after surgery.
    4. Avoid alcohol, smoking and refrain from all kinds of eating salty. To prevent swelling
    5. 24 hours for sheep off the plaster off. Then clean the face with a damp cloth to wipe clean.
    6. After surgery two days to clean the face with a mild soap and water.
    7. cut a five-day meeting.
    8. postoperative day 3 should massage scars from surgery, eye to eye, gently. To soften wounds

    Precautions after eye surgery.

    1. bruises or blood clot (Heamatoma) on the eye or eye area below.
    2. There may be scarring


    Eye muscle weakness (Ptosis).


    Muscle weakness or eye problems, eye drop / fall eyelid Ptosis is characterized by a close eye on falling pupil than usual. May occur in one eye or both eyes was. Some people understand that the eyelid can correct common eye muscles are weak. In fact, it is misleading. This issue is caused by muscles that we use in the eyes (Levator Palpebre Superioris muscle) have exhausted than usual. Mostly since birth. Or sometimes it just came at a great age. Because tired muscles down with age. The problem can be treated with surgery to fix the muscles, especially the eyes. To make the eyes look more open. And the eyes normally So in addition to surgery to fix in a matter of doing it. To make your eyes look bright And to promote personality


    The advantages of fixed eye muscle weakness.

    • Open both eyes close together.
    • It helps to be seen as a normal place.
    • Do not raised eyebrows in the eyes. Reduce the chance of premature aging.
    • eyes bright personality to look good.

    Prue’s eyes appear sleepy all the time. Or those with a condition called ocular muscle weakness (Ptosis) the function of the eyes. The shifting of the muscles in the eye Levator Aponeurosis perform poorly. The weakness than usual as most congenital Congenital Ptosis was observed at birth to be raised eyebrows in order to see clearly. So forehead wrinkled skin. This can be treated with surgery to fix the eyes. This helps the muscles of the patient’s eyes work better. When the eyes open as usual The personality is better Patients also feel more confident, too.


    You should know about the surgery, eye muscle weakness.



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