Lips Surgery

    In the age that communication is fast. Humans communicate with people all the time that make we cannot deny that lips is a very important. Good shape of lips will make you attractive and pleasant to talk with.


    The characteristics of a good lip are plumper, oral commissures look straight or little upper, size match for you face, both the upper and lower lips sealed when close mouth, crease look nice and tidy, and have a healthy pink color.  The appearance of the lips that not pretty are size not match for your face, not sealed when close mouth, and not have border and crease. Lips Surgery will help all these problems.


    Spittoon surgery

    Spittoon surgery match for people that have thick upper lip. This will make you look more attractive and fix the wrong shape of lips. Surgeon will give you an anesthetic, mark, cut your lips, and then sew the wound.

    After surgery 1-3 days, your lips will inflamed. You should use a cold pack and rest well. During this time you need to take care the cleanliness of the lips and mouth constantly. Avoid activities that will affect the wound. Avoid spicy food and alcohol in first 1-2 months and also take medicine follow your doctor’s instructions.

    Lips Reduction

    Lips reduction is the way to decrease size of your lips, match for people that size of lips not match to your face. Surgeon will use catgut inside your lips and maybe use an anesthetic and sleeping pill. Draw and cut your lips then sew the wound. You need to cut sutures in 5-6 days after surgery.

    Lips Reduction need 4-5 days to rest. Avoid spicy food and activities that will affect the wound. Some patients may feel numb and pain but next 10 days will be better.



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