Chin Surgery


    Chin is the important point of the face that can change the face clearly. Men’s chin should be wide, thick, and flat. Women’s chin should be narrow and rounded. Chin surgery can be used also silicone and fat transfer.

    How to do Chin Surgery

    There are 2 ways of Chin Surgery, first is the way that have wound inside your mouth. Surgeon will make the wound between lips and gums to put the silicone in. So that mean others will not see any scar. The second way is the way that have wound under your chin. This way less to become infected and hurt muscles and nerves less than the first way. But will have a wound around 2-3 cm.


    The material that often used are silicone, Gortex, or Medpore that can add height not exceeding 0.5 mm. The surgery takes around 30-45 minutes without anesthetic and you can go home after surgery.

    After the surgery, you will take 1-2 weeks to rest. Some will feel tight around wound but it will better after 1 week. Patients who do the way that have wound inside your mouth need to use mouthwashes during the first week after surgery to reduce infection. Patients who do the way that have wound under your chin must take care not to wet the wound during the first 2-3 days after surgery. Also should eat soft foods to prevent damage and take medicine follow your doctor’s instructions to reduce pain and swelling.



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