Endolaser (Intravenous Laser Therapy)

    Endolaser (Intravenous laser therapy) is a new type of intravascular blood treatment that is showing provable diverse positive effects on both the metabolism and the immune system. Research by Russian scientists, that were developing treatments for cardiovascular diseases formed the basis for this exciting procedure. It was then developed even further and optimized in Germany.

    Endolaser is based on the biologic healing action of soft lasers that stimulate the immune system, improve blood circulation, have positive anti-inflammatory effects and also activate both cell metabolism and the production of new cells. The therapy treats the body’s vascular system. There are generalized effects from Endolaser on almost every organ system, so it can be employed as the sole treatment or combined with other treatments to achieve maximum results.

    Endolaser stimulates the functional activity of the hypothalamus and limbic system leading to an activation of hormonal, metabolic, immunological and vegetative processes with the mobilization of adaptive reserves.

    The Method:

    Flowing blood cells are directly radiated with laser light of different wavelengths (red, green, blue) via a sterile single-use laser fiber that is inserted into a vein in the arm with a cannula.

    Light quanta are absorbed by blood cells; this process sets off positive biostimulatory reactions.

    The released light power is extremely low (1-3mW) and is only a fraction of the energy that is used on the skin during laser-needle acupuncture. Many experiments from the field of biologic laser research substantiate that these low doses only show biostimulatory effects and are completely harmless.

    The procedure takes between 30 and 50 minutes. Anti-laser goggles are not required.

    Benefits & Results:

    Endolaser is used to treat chronic diseases that are connected to compromised immune systems, it can also be used to focus on particular organs or on the metabolism.

    Here are some examples:

    – Inflammation
    – Sleep improvement
    – Weight management
    – To increase metabolism
    – Immunodeficiency & Autoimmune diseases
    – Disorders of the lipid metabolism
    – Diabetes
    – Chronic liver and kidney diseases
    – Dyslipidemia
    – Heart disease
    – Chronic pain syndrome
    – Allergies and eczema
    – Increase stamina and endurance in athletes
    – Diseases of the nervous system
    – Cardiac and renal diseases
    – Chronically inflammatory intestinal diseases
    – Macular degeneration
    – Circulatory disturbance
    – Skin diseases
    – Disturbances of the hormonal system
    – Arthroses
    – Pain management
    – Fibromyalgia
    – Multiple sclerosis
    – Cancer

    Endolaser therapy can also be used for preventive treatment to stay physically fit and for anti-aging purposes.

    Patients generally experience stabilizing and energizing effects as well as many other positive results when suffering from conditions such as chronic liver diseases, diabetes mellitus, lipid disorders, and various other diseases. This presents an exciting new option in the treatment of systemic disorders of the metabolic and immune system.
    The red laser has a powerful influence on:
    • Oxygen
    • Blood cells
    • Blood enzymes
    • Blood proteins
    • Blood coagulation system
    • Biological fluids
    • Vascular wall and microcirculation
    • Positive effects seen in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases and myocardial ischemia
    • Vascular diseases
    • Lymphatic system
    • Nervous system
    • Neuro-endocrine system
    • Immune system

    The blue laser is effective for:
    – Weight loss
    – Increasing the metabolism
    – Bronchial asthma
    – Immune system

    The green laser is advantageous for rheology, blood flow properties:

    – An improved deformability of erythrocytes.
    – An increase of fibroblast proliferation.
    – An improved effect on glucose metabolism.

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