Fast Dark Spot Removal with PicoSure.

    Turn back the clock on your skin!

    Fix Brown Spots, Age Spots, & Liver Spots without painful side effects or damaging your skin.



    Dark patches and skin discolorations on the face, hands, and body can be caused by several different conditions such as sun or liver spots, melasma, the common freckle or by more serious complaints such as melanoma, the most deadly form of skin cancer. So if you notice a new dark skin spot, it is very important to have it diagnosed by one of our certified dermatologists.
    The chances are that it is probably one of the harmless but annoying common complaints such as melasma. The exciting news is that a major advancement in laser technology has led to the development of a machine that is fast, safe and effective at permanently removing brown skin pigmentation conditions. Apex Medical Center is currently the only clinic in Thailand that has the latest model of the PicoSure laser.



    The PicoSure laser can also be used for beauty and skin rejuvenation procedures to reduce the appearance of fine lines, acne scars, stretch marks, wrinkles and even tattoo removal.
    During the procedure, the machine pulses a beam of light at an amazing trillionth of a second and instead of heat uses pressure to target the affected area. The treatments are incredibly precise so the surrounding skin is not damaged or scarred by the procedure. In addition, because the PicoSure pulses 100 times faster than other laser machines, the beam is on the skin for a fraction of the time, one trillionth of a second in fact.
    That means that even difficult-to-treat conditions such as melasma, which is common on Asian skin and post acne pigmentation can now be improved rapidly with minimal discomfort and minimal downtime.
    PicoSure, the world’s safest and most effective laser specifically designed to treat pigmented (brown) spots, is only available in Thailand at Apex Medical Center.



    “I love to practice my yoga outside but the downside is that exposure to sunlight causes dark patches to appear on my face. Previously, I was worried about having laser to treat the troubled areas but this new technology is amazing. There was no burning, no pain and the results were noticeable immediately after the first session. The results after the 3rd treatment are incredible, the dark spots have disappeared, my skin is brighter and looks younger. A lot of my friends have remarked on how good I look and asked me what I did. “

    Nitra Kittiyakorn
    Editor-in-Chief,Women’s Health Thailand