Treating the Lower Face With A Revolutionary Technology…”Endo Smile”

    Endo Smile

    Endo Smile facial cosmetic procedures are based on a revolutionary technology that produces more natural results and reduced recovery time when compared to traditional facelift procedures. The result is a more youthful, revitalized appearance.

    Are you considering rejuvenation of the lower FACE ?

    As we age, the loss of shape and definition in the lower face can give people the appearance of being older and overweight.

    In years gone by, the loss of shape and definition in the lower face was traditionally treated with a lower face Lift and neck lift but that would often involve pain, scarring, excessive downtime and an array of other potential nightmare complications such as infection, nerve damage and hematoma. Fortunately, much safer, quicker, cheaper and reliable solutions are now available today.

    Endo Smile is a combination of 2 state-of-the-art treatments; Endotine Ribbon Lift and Fotona 4D. A perfect combination of treatments that will lift and tighten the lower part of the face and neck, also smooth out the skin to transform you to look years younger and glamorous!

    What is the Endotine Ribbon Lift?

    The Endotine Ribbon Lift (Endo Smile) is a new procedure based on input from plastic surgeons experienced in neck and jowl rejuvenation. It features a new tissue-holding device called the Endotine Ribbon that holds the tissues of the neck and jowl in a more elevated, youthful position. The Endotine Ribbon can accommodate the shape of almost any face. Its flexible material molds readily to angular and soft facial contours.
    The Endotine Ribbon is comprised of a thin, flexible material with multiple tissue-holding points that allow your surgeon to secure your neck or jowl profile in just the right position. Then, as the repositioned tissue binds fully to its new surrounding tissues, the device is absorbed naturally and your profile remains in the improved position.
    Endotine implants are made from a substance called polylactic acid, which is produced from plant materials to create a bio-plastic substance that dissolves naturally and is then completely absorbed by the body—leaving nothing behind but your new, refreshed look.

    How is a Ribbon Lift Performed?

    The Endotine Ribbon Lift () can be a stand-alone, less invasive procedure requiring an hour or so, or part of a more conventional facelift strategy taking just a few hours. Your surgeon will address your procedure taking into consideration your unique facial structure and the surgeon’s individual technique and experience.

    For a minimally invasive Ribbon Lift, your surgeon will typically make a small, usually undetectable incision in the hairline or behind the ear. Through this incision, the surgeon creates a space between the skin and deeper tissues. The Ribbon’s tissue-holding points are then placed in the deeper tissue, allowing the surgeon to elevate, shape, tighten and sculpt these tissues beneath the skin. With the desired effect achieved, the surgeon sutures the opposite end of the Endotine Ribbon to strong underlying tissue. Any excess skin is then removed, and the incision is closed with fine sutures.

    An Endotine Ribbon is inserted into a small incision near the ear, allowing your surgeon to lift excess neck skin into its youthful position.

    Endo Smile
    An Endotine Ribbon is inserted into a small incision near the ear, allowing your surgeon to lift excess neck skin into its youthful position.

    What is Fotona 4D?

    The Fotona 4D treatment works on wrinkles, fine lines, loss of volume, uneven tone and texture on the face, while the ribbon lift repositions loosened skin and its connecting soft tissue toward the ears.
    Fotona 4D is laser technology that combines four dimensions of treatment and two complementary wavelengths, Nd:YAG and Er:YAG. The first part is called the smooth mode and is performed on the inside of the mouth. Although it may sound alarming, the non-ablative procedure is very gentle and doesn’t even require any numbing medication. The primary target during this step are the nasolabial folds, which get a nice plumping effect from the inside out, similar to a filler. The next stage, the Frac3 mode, is performed on the face and uses a fractional beam to target deeper imperfections to restore a youthful texture and tone to the skin. The next step is called the Piano mode, it enables deeply penetrating heating while at the same time keeping the surface of the skin safe and comfortable, so it is a gentle heat similar to a quick sunbathing session. The bulk heating is used to tighten the skin. The final stage is a controlled light peel to improve the appearance of the skin and reduce any imperfections.

    Endo Smile


    What can I expect after the treatment?

    After the procedure, you’ll experience temporary bruising and swelling from the Endotine Ribbon Lift procedure, which is normal. Your doctor may ask you to wear a soft elastic garment to help minimize lower-face swelling. Your doctor may also recommend that you avoid neck rotation and strenuous activity for a short period of time. In both cases, these measures are only temporary, and are intended to help you heal more quickly.
    Your new look will begin to emerge within the first two weeks after your procedure, and your final result should be evident within a few months.

    Endo Smile

    Advantages of Endo Smile Lift

    • Effective elevation and shaping of the lower face
    • Improved results in both minimally invasive surgery and conventional approaches
    • Provides your surgeon an enhanced level of control over your aesthetic results
    • The Ribbon device continues to work while natural healing takes place, and then it is absorbed
    •  The result is a more youthful, revitalized appearance.


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