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    In today’s hectic world, most people find it difficult to deal with time-consuming procedures such as shaving, waxing, and wasting time on useless hair removal treatments. The good news is that hair removal no longer has to be a difficult task because APEX has mastered the permanent laser hair removal method. We provide the best laser hair removal treatments in Bangkok and employ the most experienced nurses and laser practitioners in the country, so you can be confident that you are in good hands and will receive the safest, most effective treatment possible.


    What Kind of Lasers Does APEX Use?

    We only utilize effective technology, and to ensure safe and successful results, we always assess your suitability for any of our laser procedures. We have a variety of FDA-cleared lasers. Our two decades of experience with laser hair removal in Thailand have demonstrated that no single laser can treat all skin types and colors. Currently, the three most common types of laser technology are:

    Long-pulsed Alexandrite laser

    Long-pulsed Alexandrite lasers use laser radiation with a wavelength of 755 nm. It uses alexandrite crystals as a medium to generate light. This type of laser is better suited for hair removal on large areas like the arms or legs than on the underarms. Furthermore, it is not recommended for people with dark or black hair because it increases the danger of skin burns.

    YAG Lasers

    The YAG Laser is the most popular hair removal laser. It uses a wavelength of 1064 nm to penetrate deep into the skin layers and successfully target hair follicles. This results in effective hair removal with minimum danger of unwanted effects.

    Diode Laser

    The diode laser is both efficient and reasonably priced. It has a range of wavelengths, including 800-810 nm, 940 nm, and 1,064-1,350 nm, making it suited for many types of hair. Its primary technique of action uses laser radiation to target melanin in hair follicles. When hair follicles receive a high amount of energy, they are damaged, resulting in weakening and eventually losing hair.

    Before choosing where to have laser hair removal, it is a good idea to learn more about the service provider’s experience. This includes the technology they utilize, as well as consumer reviews. These indicators can help decide whether the outcomes are truly positive and if there have been any documented negative effects.

    Who Performs Laser Hair Removal?

    All laser hair removal treatments are conducted by one of APEX’s highly qualified medical specialists. Each practitioner receives rigorous training before performing any surgery. In addition, a licensed medical doctor serves as the medical director at each facility, supervising all treatments and the medical staff.

    APEX started its first site in 1995 and immediately established itself as Thailand’s pioneer in laser hair removal. Since then, we have done more than 3 million laser hair removal procedures. We are the national leader in laser hair removal. APEX is the only national laser hair removal firm with a fully working training facility. We are dedicated to offering the best methods for laser hair removal in Bangkok and around Thailand; we set the benchmark of excellence and the pace for others to follow.

    Laser Hair Removal APEX

    What Types of Hair and Skin Colors Can Be Treated With Laser Hair Removal?

    While laser hair removal may be done on almost every skin tone and hair type, hair color is the most significant consideration. The light released by the laser attracts melanin, or dark pigment, in the hair follicle. This means that black hair is treated the most successfully. Treatments for red, blonde, and gray hair are not as successful. Our numerous laser modalities at each APEX location allow us to accommodate a wide range of hair and skin colors.

    How Much Does it Cost?

    Laser hair removal is most effective when a series of sessions are performed. There are no shortcuts to this process. Each treatment removes a greater percentage of the hair until the skin is smooth and hair-free. APEX correctly prices treatment packages throughout the process and beyond.

    You’ll be pleased to know that we provide the best hair removal package in Thailand. We recommend a free consultation to ensure that we customize the appropriate number of treatments for each of our clients. We have numerous payment methods to suit your specific needs, making unwanted hair removal simple and inexpensive for everyone!

    Factors to Consider While Selecting a Provider

    • The medical degree and experience level of the healthcare practitioner.
    • Consider the company’s longevity and the quality of its laser hair removal equipment.
    • The capacity to safely treat all skin colors
    • Convenient locations
    • Accurate pricing through process completion

    Why Is Our Complimentary Consultation Important?

    Coming in for a free APEX consultation is the most crucial step towards resolving your unwanted hair. Your guest consultant will decide if you are a suitable candidate for successful treatment. You will also understand how laser treatments work and how much they cost. Our advisors have been asked every possible question concerning laser hair removal in Bangkok, and they are dedicated to addressing all of your worries. Your personal information and case details will remain strictly confidential.

    At APEX, we are Thailand’s Most Experienced Laser Clinic with 28 Years of Experience. Choose APEX because we guarantee you’ll get the latest and best cutting-edge technology!

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