Cryo Beauty

    Enjoy our Apex experience with Cryo beauty, the quickest method to combat aging, it’s also the coolest way to spend your day in Bangkok. Imagine burning 500-800 calories in couple of minutes? You’ll feel fresh and energized at the same time.

    Ice Lab:

    In the Ice Lab you will find a special climate – one found neither on earth nor in space. You can remain at -110°C from one to three minutes.
    Spending time in the Ice Lab is a unique experience. The positive effects of the Ice Lab climate on health and performance have been the subject of numerous scientific studies and have been fully documented over the past 20 years. The technology for the procedure was developed in Germany.
    Ice Lab is exclusively available in Thailand at Apex Medical Center, Ploenchit, Bangkok. Our state-of-the-art whole body cryotherapy chamber will keep you looking and feeling healthy & younger.

    Ultimate IV bar:

    The celebrity secret to looking younger and healthier. IV Vitamin cocktails are the best option for health and wellness in a social environment. Experience the most effective way to go beyond the basic requirements and reach maximum vitality in about 30 minutes!

    Cryo Facial:

    Activates collagen production in the deeper levels of the skin, increasing the skin’s capacity to rejuvenate itself, regain elasticity, appear smoother and bring forth a youthful glow to your face

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