Breast Augmentation


    Material and type of breast augmentation

    – Silicone

    – CAL (Cell – Assisted Lipotransfer)

    – Hybrid Breast Augmentation


    Brand of Silicone that we choose

    There’re only 3 brands that have been approved from US FDA namely Mentor, Allergan, and Silimed.

    Surface of silicone breast implants

    – Smooth Silicone

    – Textured Silicone


    How different between 2 types of silicone

    – Smooth Silicone cause less strip and soft like real breast.

    – Textured Silicone can stick with tissue more than the first type, so it can’t be move easily.


    Shapes of silicone breast implants

    – Round Silicone

    – Tear drop Silicone


    How to add silicone breast implants

    – Subglandular

    – Submuscular



    Subglandular will make your breast soft and look natural faster than another way. Submuscular will reduce flabby breast and make your beast firm, but need to massage more times than Subglandular.


    Subcuticular suture

    – Around nipple (Periareolar) incision

    – In breast fold (Inframmary) incision

    – Underarm (Transaxillary) incision


    Breast Augmentation

    – Surgeon can add silicone breast implants either Subglandular or Submuscular. They will explain about advantage and disadvantage of the both way.

    – Surgeon will explain about different silicone breast implants, texture, size, advantage and disadvantage of them to patient.

    – After choose silicone breast implants, texture, size and incision. Surgeon will start operation.


    After operation

    – Follow surgeon’s advices.

    – Can take a bath after operation 1 week. Don’t need to clean your wound until follow up with surgeon.

    – Don’t hold heavy things for 1 month.

    – Wrap your wound for 2 weeks.

    – Don’t wear bra except sport bra.

    – Massage your breast 2 times per day for 20-30 minutes in first 6 months. After that massage every alternate day.

    – Meet surgeon on meeting time. If find something abnormality, you need to tell surgeon.

    The consultation will be free of charge.

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