Absolutely fabulous at absolutely any age

A healthy lifestyle will affect the rate of ageing

“Old age is 15 years older than I am.” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Close-up of two faces of beautiful woman and mother

It may surprise people to hear a dermatologist say that beauty does indeed come from within! Ageing beautifully is about how we age, and that corresponds directly to simple lifestyle choices rather than dates on a calendar.

The Three “R’s”: Remove, Repair, and Replace.

Anti-ageing is not just about maintaining and extending our youthful good-looks. More importantly, it is about maintaining an optimum quality of life for as long as possible. Beauty and health are inextricably interlinked, and the three R’s are a great way of prolonging both.


What is good nutrition?

A balanced diet is the most important approach to an anti-ageing lifestyle. Diet plans, such as zero carbs, are acceptable as long as they remain short-term. Long term, complex carbohydrates are important for health. Avoid extreme ways of eating because in the long term it will cause damage to your metabolism.

How does good nutrition help delay the ageing process?

Balanced nutrition helps maintain hormone levels – and balanced hormones are the real key to beauty and longevity. Hormones are the body’s bio-chemical messages produced by the brain and the glands telling all cells and systems of the body to work in optimum balance. A body without balance is like an orchestra without a conductor – there’s just a cacophony of noise.

What is the best way to balance hormones?

Medical research shows that the best way to stimulate your body to produce more hormones is to exercise. Hormones are a significant factor to all cells functioning in an optimum way, and exercise is the significant key to that.

What should I eat?

Eat fruit and vegetables that are grown in the sun because they have to build up resistance to free-radical damage. They do this by developing strong coloured bio-flavanoids and vitamins – red, yellow, green, and orange. When we eat these, they in turn protect us. It is difficult to know what might be lacking, so variety is key. Include good fats and good proteins for gut, muscle, and brain health. Also, a variety of proteins are important – white, red, and vegetable proteins from soy. Try new things and not just the favourites!

How much?

Portions and amounts depend on an individual’s lifestyle oxidative stress. So a person that is very active – does a lot of exercise or a person that has a lot of stress – needs more nutrition.

It stands to reason that people that have a more peaceful lifestyle – like monks who meditate a lot and people with a sedentary lifestyle – need less food. It is very individual.


Sometime people cannot control the external stresses in their life – in this case supplements will help bridge the gap.



If there are a lot of toxins in the body, it is not easy to achieve optimum health.

The kind of detoxification programme required depends on the type of toxins present. For example, colon hydrotherapy is appropriate for nutritional issues and hyperthermia infrared therapy is useful for intoxicated skin. There are various screening tests to indicate “detoxification capacity markers”, indicating toxic levels in the body.

Weight loss is obstructed by toxins because your body holds on to the weight to dilute them.

What to remove from my diet?

Processed foods, trans-fats, farmed meat and dairy products are best avoided because they use a lot of artificial hormones and hormone disruptors called xenoestrogens (foreign substances that mimic the behaviour of oestrogen in the body).

These occur most commonly in food treated or raised with chemical fertilisers, pesticides and growth hormones.

Even organic dairy food is debatable because the cow is kept in a stage of lactation all year, which is not natural and there are too many sex hormones in its milk. Goat’s milk is a good alternative because goat farming is not too industrialised – or buffalo cheese.



Bio-molecular therapy was pioneered in Europe in 1931. These days fresh cells, after having their molecules broken down to eliminate any potentially harmful factors, repair damaged tissue.

They can be taken orally, injected or applied to be absorbed trans-dermally. There is no tendency towards rejection or an allergic response. The treatment can be used to tighten the skin on the face and hands, and also to decrease wrinkles and for pigmentation spots.

The procedure is also effective for grey hair and hair-loss. Auto-logos fresh cell therapy (using your own fresh cells) is an even more potent alternative.

So, it is possible to be fabulous – maybe not for ever, but for much longer than ever before. Just remove, replace and repair!