Ice Lab at Phuket

ICE LAB -110C Whole body cryotherapy. The cool way to recovery; the one and only in Phuket at Apex Medical Center Phuket. Don’t Miss It!!

Benefits from ICE LAB at Phuket:

  • Increases physical capacity and agility
  • Reduces stress, injury, physical and mental weakness
  • Improves blood circulation for finer skin and younger looking
  • Increases metabolism; burns about 500-800 calories in just a 3-minute session
  • Treatment of acute inflammation
  • Reduces pain caused by joints and muscles injuries
  • Improves capabilities of good sports performance and exercise routine
  • Removes body toxins
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Increases libido
  • Stronger and fuller hair & nails
  • Increases growth hormone for effective anti-aging
  • Treatment of inflammation in joints
  • Refreshes all systems of the body, improves agility and blood circulation, increases collagen production and enhances muscles function


  • Sport bra and shorts or bra and underwear
  • Sport shoes with socks
  • Gloves (Provided by Apex)
  • Headband (Provided by Apex)
  • Breath protection (Provided by Apex)

Essential for the clients:

  • Appropriate clothing
  • No wet hair and skin before entering
  • No fast movements in the ICE LAB
  • No metallic items on the body (ring, necklace, earrings, watches, glasses)
  • No open wounds
  • Breath slowly and flat to feel comfortable (air concentration is much higher in -110C and air expands after being breathed in)
  • 1-4 people can enter at once

Tel : 062 630 4000
Line: @icelabphuket