Linear Shockwave therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

    Who is a Candidate for Renova?

    Renova incorporates a breakthrough technology offering an innovative treatment
    for ED. Treatment is applied in the physician’s office setting or private clinic*.
    There is no anesthesia nor sedation requirement. Renova helps patients suffering from ED due to vascular impairment. Treatment is also offered to patients having a contraindication or those exhibiting side effects from pharmacotherapy.
    * Small number of treatment sessions

    Are There Any Side Effects to Treatment with Renova?

    To date, no side effects are shown from treatment with Renova. Renova can also be
    performed on patients who have a contraindication or exhibit side effects to

    How Does Renova Work?

    The new non-invasive therapy stimulates the generation of new blood vessels
    (angiogenesis) to increase the blood supply to erectile tissue. The Company Behind
    the Technology Direx marks nearly 30 years of high technology innovation offering advanced and unique therapeutic technologies in urology. To-date, thousands of such devices have been installed in over 70 countries worldwide.

    … Sexual Performance Rejuvenation by doctor
    Restoring performance and confidence

    Use Low Intensity Shockwave to Growing New Blood VESSELS
    What is Renova:
    • Renova is a Linear Shockwave Therapy (LSWT) treatment that may improve erectile function by growing new blood vessels
    • Unlike drugs such as Viagra, Renova treats the ‘source’ rather than the symptoms
    • The treatment is: * Painless * Drug free * Permanent ‘based on 3 years’ treatment history * No known side-effects
    The Renova treatment has been shown to be effective in around 80% of men suffering from vascular related ED

    Facts about ED
    • ED effects half of males between 40 to 70
    • ED is mostly caused by vascular problems, diabetes and age
    • Every man experiencing mild to moderate vascular-caused erectile dysfunction (ED) is a
    candidate for treatment with Renova

    What’s Involved?
    • Four 20 minute sessions recommended once weekly in order to achieve noticeable results
    • The procedure does not require an anaesthetic or sedation prior to treatment
    • You can resume normal activities straight afterwards


    Shockwaves are applied along the length of the penis.