Concerned about Skin Cancer?


    Detect and Protect in 4 Minutes at Apex Profound Beauty

    Thailand is a sun seeker’s paradise but those rays can come with a deadly cost.
    Skin cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Melanoma is a form of cancer that begins in cells that create the pigment melanin, and is one of the most dangerous cancer types leading to thousands of deaths per year. Doctors agree it is crucial that skin cancer is diagnosed and treated early, which is why it’s advisable that people have a full-body mole check at least once a year in order to ensure any suspicious moles aren’t missed. The good news is that our Bodystudio ATBM from FotoFinder can accomplish the entire job in about four minutes, with greater precision and accuracy than manual methods used in the past.




    New Mole Mapping Technology – Guided Photography, No Guesswork

    Once inside our private photo-booth a special camera moves up and down your body in a matter of seconds, and immediately pinpoints moles that need further examination. The machine uses laser-guided positioning, to automatically photograph all four sides of your body from head to toe, including palms and soles. Once the images are taken, the device actually seams the photos together to reduce your view of redundant areas. The FotoFinder Medicam 8ooHD camera can magnify any suspect moles by an impressive 100%.


    A Safe Non-Invasive method of Skin Cancer Prevention

    Double confirmation is achieved when our machine runs a deeper scan to evaluate any risk factors. These scans, along with the patient’s full-body images, are stored in the machine, so when another scan is performed a year or so later we can determine whether any of the scanned moles have changed shape or colour.


    How does the device Detect Cancer so Efficiently?

    With the help of fluorescence diagnostics, non-melanoma skin cancer and precancerous stages such as actinic keratoses and basal cell carcinoma can be delineated from healthy skin. Therefore a photosensitizer is applied which selectively concentrates in the tumor cells. Illuminated with ultraviolet light, the tumor is entirely visualized.


    Who should get mole mapping done?

    If any of the following questions apply to you, you should have a check-up
    • Do you have multiple moles on your body?
    • Is there a history of skin cancer in your family?
    • Did you have already a melanoma?
    • Do you have large moles (more than 2 inches in diameter)?
    • Have you noticed any changes in your moles?
    • Have you noticed any new moles on your body?
    • Did you have severe, blistering sunburns during childhood or adolescence?
    • Do you have very light skin?


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