The COOL Way to fight Fat

    This year has seen some really exciting developments in the field of non-invasive weight, beauty and age management. Of these breakthroughs, the Zeltiq (pronounced Zel-teek) or CoolSculpting procedure is one of the most thrilling, because it is so completely different. Until now, procedures for fat removal have focused on melting, bombarding and sucking _ then came CoolSculpting.


    Where did it come from?

    Two years ago, doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital noticed that a technique _ originally designed to cool the skin before undergoing other dermatological procedures _ was actually having a profound effect in itself.

    They saw that by precise and controlled cooling, fat cells are destroyed without injuring the skin or surrounding tissue _ as with invasive procedures like liposuction.

    What does the procedure entail?

    Firstly, a gel patch is applied that forms a tight seal on the skin. The Zeltiq machine then gently draws the treatment area, such as love handles of tummy fat, between two cooling panels.

    Patients notice a cold, sucking sensation but, because the procedure is completely non-invasive, there is no pain _ and no need for local anesthetic. Theoretically, the patient can read, work on a laptop or have a nap.


    How long does it take?

    On average, it is possible to leave after two hours with minimal side effects and return to normal activities immediately. Some patients may experience redness, minor bruising or tingling, but this is temporary.

    When will results be apparent?

    The results will be visible in two to four months.

    How does it work?

    The cooling procedure triggers a natural response called cryolipolysis. This is the breaking down of fat cells. Surrounding tissue and skin is not damaged because fat is uniquely cold sensitive, and literally self-destructs after the treatment.

    The fat is then eliminated through the body’s own metabolic processes like fat eliminated from food, thereby accomplishing effective results without any drama.

    How long does it take to see results?

    Changes can be noticed as quickly as three weeks after the treatment, but the most dramatic results are visible after two months. The body continues flushing crystallised fat cells for up to four months.


    Who is the ideal candidate for this procedure?

    People close to their ideal body weight with pockets of stubborn fat that refuses to budge with diet and exercise _ like back fat, belly fat, and love handles. The non-surgical approach is also most suitable for people who are unwilling or hesitant to undergo surgery. For this reason it is rapidly becoming the fat-removal procedure-of-choice for men.

    Are the results permanent?

    During the CoolSculpting procedure, the treated fat cells are eliminated. As long as the patient maintains their weight with a healthy diet and regular exercise, long-term results should remain stable. Research has shown on average a 20% reduction in fat.

    It is important to remember that diet, SARMs, and exercise are the keys to weight loss and fitness but it is difficult to fight your body type _ wherever the extra fat is held _ whether it be in the stomach, hips and thighs, or bottom.

    It can be extremely frustrating to apply maximum effort at the gym for minimum result. Therefore Zeltiq is one of the alternatives to removing obstinate fat.

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