Party beautifully

Can we keep our fresh holiday party look in check with pre- and post-party preparations?

We all love the month of December. It’s filled with holidays, festivals, weddings and lots of parties. And it’s the season where we drink a little too much, stay out a little too late and dress up a lot. We apply makeup night after night with the pressure to look beautiful and fresh-faced at every occasion and every photo opportunity. Unfortunately, though, with each passing night, achieving this requires increasingly more effort. And by the end of the festive season, we’re left with dull and dehydrated skin, blemishes and panda eyes. How wonderful would it be if we could attend all the social events, stay out as long as we wanted, enjoy ourselves to the max and not have to deal with bad skin or blemishes later on.
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How can I keep my skin glowing and gorgeous throughout the holiday season?

Going to holiday party after party can really take its toll on your appearance, with all the late nights and sleep deprivation, makeup and drinking alcohol.

Late nights can cause dark circles under the eyes. Effective and common remedies for dark circles include cold packs, and very gently massaging the area, which will help improve the drainage of the blood vessels.

Lots of makeup often leads to blemishes. So along with following the normal skin-care routine, during this festive month, you’ll need to pay special attention to your skin. If you cleanse too little, then you get obstructions, leading to pimples on the face. Those with oily skin should use reliable cosmetic cleansers, along with a gentle facial foam that contains glycolic acid. It will dissolve environmental grime, residual cosmetics and leave the skin looking fresh the next morning. If you begin to see signs of pimples, use an acne solution. Avoid using oil-based makeup and use water-based instead.

Alcohol dehydrates your skin, so avoid drinking too much. But if you do, drink lots of water as well, maintain your exercise routine and later find time to detox your liver, and get antioxidants to rejuvenate your skin. Waste products in your body lead to dull skin.

Other than these DIY remedies, is there anything I can do to get an immediate glow for my skin before a party?

Those looking for immediate glowing skin can come in for an instant rejuvenation with the radio frequency machine. This machine instantly helps slim up and enhance the shape of the face for adults of any age group. It also helps with immediate lifting for those who need it. The effects last a couple of weeks to a month. You can also get a photo rejuvenation to add colour and radiance to your skin. Photo rejuvenation makes your skin look brighter and better with each day. So if you get the treatment today, you’ll notice a slight glow tomorrow, then on the following day it gets better and on the fourth day your skin will likely glow even more. In short, you will look better as the parties come and go leading up to New Year’s Eve, despite all the late nights.

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To fix eye bags and get rid of that tired, haggard appearance, micro-current and ultrasound machines can be used. These help the drainage of the water around the under-eye area, reducing fluid build-up and bagginess beneath the eyes, making the face look fresher, more rested and youthful. If you need to tighten and smoothen your body, there are “body machines” that can reduce circumference immediately, cutting down cellulite. These machines use multiple energy mediums. They perform suction with its vacuum massage and reduce cellulite with infrared radiation, laser as well as radio frequency. For notable results, you should come at least one week before the party, so you can indulge in it a few times.

Once the festive season is over, do you recommend I indulge in any maintenance treatment?

Once the parties are over, the party on your skin begins. This is a crucial moment for your skin because that’s when you tend to break out. You may want to get rid of any clogged pores from too much makeup with microdermabrasion. If you’ve been drinking, you might also need to hydrate the skin with vitamins, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants.

Is this recommended for all ages?

If you abuse your body at a young age it is usually able to recuperate on its own. But for those over 35, it’s quite difficult to gain back momentum and the body might not be able to repair some of the problems itself. For example, the areas around the eyes are quite sensitive, so you might need machines to drain the fluid in order to gain back the look. The rest of the facial skin is less sensitive in comparison, so your body can self recover from problems like clogged pores. This applies even up to the age of 40 or 45. However, those who are older may need remedies. If you wait for the skin to repair itself, it could take a long time and problems may arise beforehand.